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Local Classic Game Cleaning

We at Game Horde professionally clean your classic video game systems, games, and controllers for a fair price and all doing it right. We clean everything right the first time to make it work the first time. Our cleaning process is unique only to Game Horde and we are proud to clean your classic systems, games, and controllers.


We have cleaned over 300 systems, games, and controllers and all of them worked the first time. Cleaning systems, games, and controllers requires not only a delicate hand and the right tools, but the knowledge to properly clean them to work the first time around. We have the tools, delicate hands, and the knowledge to get the job done right and have the systems, games, and controllers be playable for a good long while. Please feel free to email any of your questions to


Trust us to clean your classic video game relics.


Limited System and Game Modifications

We do SNES System and SNES/N64 Game Modifications. The only area of concern with the SNES system is that it has to be the original design. With the game modifications, there is a small fee to make a European or Japanese game insertable into the system.


We have modified over 75 systems and games which all still were able to play after the modifications. Our modifications to the system are not related to the motherboard. For the game modifications, we clean the game and test it to make sure it is up to our high standards. We are able to do a free test to see if your system is faulty (at this time, only SNES is applicable for this test). Please feel free to email any of your questions to


All repairs and modifications come with a free cleaning.